Magnetic Pads For Horses

Magnetic Pads For Horses

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Your magnet pad has 30 x 2800 Gauss Neodymium Permanent Rare Earth Magnets.

  • Approximately 4-5cm apart across the entire pad. This ensures there are no gaps in your magnetic field and your treatment area is the full circumference of the leg.
  • The magnet pad is contained in a green and red bag. Green is the ‘North’ facing side of the magnet. Red is the ‘South’ facing side of the magnet. The Green side goes against your horses leg. This is the ‘calming and healing’ side of the magnet.
  • Made in Australia by MagIcE to ensure correct polarisation of magnets.
*Do not treat your horse with any magnetic treatment if infection/haematoma is present.

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